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Doug Peters - Self Portrait VIIWebsites, Domains & Projects

Below is a collection of some of my websites, domains and other projects. I am still working on probably every one of them, but with so much to do, work and family time too, most updates occur in my spare time and therefore may progress very slowly. This page reflects all the websites in one lump, but I am adding the logos I have done for each site to the categorized listing pages, when they are available. This is because most of what I do is branding, but there would be too many images here on the ALL Websites, Domains & Projects page. I hope you enjoy...

Doug Peters' Personal Portfolio:
You are here. This online portfolio represents my own personal websites, blogs, directories and other PPC advertising domain name projects which are slated for further development. By keeping a public portfolio of my own personal projects I feel more compelled under the pressure of knowing that they are publicly viewable triumphs or travesties in order to motivate me to sort them out and develop them into something.

Please note that currently this is a personal portfolio of my own project websites, and does not yet reflect the work I have done on behalf of of my clientele. Part of the reasoning behind this is that I often work on temporary websites (such as online convention/event registration sites) and intranets, plus I don't always have the extra time to keep this portfolio updated constantly with client sites. However, I will add a section of professional work which I have done for clients which represent my body of work and the online resources I have created, eventually. But first I am trying to get my stuff online.

Studio Sites:

This is my freelance design studio website. I not only offer my own wares here, but the site also acts as a control point for projects I manage that I have entrusted into other partner freelancers hands.


Color of
Another one of my favorite domain names, I was originally hoping to develop it into a website builder where you could design your own basic website easily and then download the complete archived file system, unzip it, and upload it to your server. The trouble is that I couldn't possibly surpass the Domain Hostmaster website builder, WebSite Tonight®. Eventually I will put a collection of my illustrations and graphic designs there. So until I get my illustrations portfolio together, I am pointing it to that website builder resource.


This site will become a small showcase of my cartoons. Another project in the works.

Stock Images Archive:

An image morgue is a bin that good but unused project photos and graphics are filed into. Maybe an article was killed, or there were too many photos to use them all. Whatever the case may be, this website serves as an archive of professional photography and graphic design images that are still viable for publishing. Photographers get a cut of the sales of their works, as well.

Photoshop Pros was a photoshop forum until the software was hacked. We are still looking for a software replacement for the phpBB forums we were using (and no, we will never use the phpBB bulletin board software package ever again).

Design Templates:
Templates/Templates is about web design templates. It is co-branded as Site Templets, as well. Some web designs are static and there are a few designs intended for dynamic applications. Some Flash navigation elements will also available.

Flash Web Design
Although this domain is long, it is the exact keyword phrase many use to search, and find Flash Web Design Templates.

It seems that the English may use the word templets more than Americans, but obviously the words templates and templets are completely interchangeable.

Navigation Elements:

Easily configured and customizable navigation elements such as Flash menus, buttons and navbars. No Flash knowledge or program is required to run this software! Flash Player is only required to view them in a browser, and that is installed on most system browsers or is easily added. Also branded as Flash Add & Menu

A simple catalog of font resources, offered alphabetically, without pop-ups and spammy advertising. Still under development.

Web Design Components:

Flash MXP extension information and resources. Flash plug-in (or add-on) MXP extensions allow you to easily expand Flash with applications that offer utilities and tools which can make Flash design and development a breeze. Aliased with the Flash brand.


Brands & Premium Domain Names:
Primo brands, deluxe names. Still a gray-matter project as we learn from the next website we are working on...

Premium Brand.Name
Premium brand domains and generic keyword domain names. Working websites for sale also available.

Although updated only rarely, I am also rarely taking on new domains, so this list represents my current domain name portfolio the best.

When another phpBB forum was hacked that I was running, this forum came down with all of the rest of them. We are currently investigating another solution in a community forums bulletin board application.
This is my username at a few websites. Of course, I had to get the domains. I have something special planned for these domains in the future.

Domain Name Registration:

Complete domain, web hosting (Linux or Windows) and e-commerce solutions. Shared hosting accounts or dedicated servers. Domain names, website builders, SSL security certificates, shopping carts, merchant accounts, traffic tools and more. 24/7 Tech support. Awesome network. I also have a couple of other brands pointing to this store, Site, Site Domains.US, Site & Website Domains.US. Eventually, I will probably put this last set of domain names into service as an altogether different registrar, too.
W3 Domain, which is short for Worldwide Web Domain Names, is where anyone can sign-up to be a domain name and web hosting reseller. WWD handles all the customer, billing and tech support, 24/7. All you do is customize the look of your web store, select your product line and set your pricing. Then just promote the heck out of it. This is a great way to establish yourself in the local market, as well. If you are a webmaster or domainer like me with a small portfolio of domain names and websites, you can save enough on domains, web hosting and site tools through this system that you might not even have to worry about getting customers to justify the small investment required to get started.

PPC Ad Income:

Domain name parking Pay-Per-Click residual revenue information. Create a recurring income stream by just displaying PPC advertising on your domain name. Simply register a popular search phrase or brand domain and set the name servers to your parking provider's required name servers. As visitors to your domain name ads click through to the advertiser's websites, you split the advertising commission with your parking ad provider. More information on the site, although it does need to be updated again as soon as I have the time.

Along the same principles as the above Parking PPC concept, only instead of offering an empty domain to publish PPC advertising, you are offering your developed web space to display PPC text and banner advertisements which are directly relevant to the information associated with each page. Although this is a great way to monetize simple and free websites, remember that the ads shown compete directly with the information on each page, so it is not a good method of advertising for most commercial websites.

Advertising is a necessary evil once you have built-up a web presence across the web and are a recognized player in the internet community with a good Google PageRank. The Ad Working site offers resources and information on working the advertising game and promoting your business.

Web Hosting:

HD Web
High Definition full featured Linux Apache web hosting for heavy duty business websites. Free domain name and Site Studio (online website builder) for each paid hosting account. Several web hosting plans to choose from on dual processor systems. 24/7 tech support with toll-free access. Your choice of server locations in Fremont, California, or in London, UK. Free web hosting reseller plans also available, set up your own reseller store online for absolutely nothing (although a domain name is highly recommended in order to have a domain level URL to promote easily). I also offer the same hosting services through, which actually utilizes my Formula 1 Hosting Networks branded domain in the web hosting account that I have sold to myself manually at wholesale through the free reseller account (wholesale priced sales require you to manually sell the hosting, which is easy through the resellers panel provided).

Site Host
Although this is currently my best high value, high performance web hosting solution with the best bang for the buck, I need to protect my own little portfolio of websites. Therefore, I can only resell
Another web hosting solution in the works.

Also see Domain Hostmaster (listed in the Brands & Domains section) for other possible website builders with hosting, shared web hosting accounts, virtual servers and even dedicated server options (on your choice of Linux or Windows platforms).

Webmaster Forums 9 was originally run on the phpBB community forums platform. We are currently investigating a more secure alternative after being hacked at another online phpBB forum we were running. WF9 now shows the same 9 topics of subject matter as folios, or categories, in which advertisers can promote their webmaster resources. It was also branded with a few other domains, such as Webmastery.US.

Flash Design
Obviously, this was also a phpBB forum for Flash discussions that I was running until my other board was hacked. Its a shame the phpBB software is so terribly full of security holes. We are currently looking at other possible (more secure) forum software solutions. The same board was also accessible as Flash


Meta Tag and Search Engine Optimization guidelines, techniques, information, tools and resources. Although still under development, I have some big plans for this domain. It will also be backed with the Meta Tag brand, as well.

Page 1 is intended to be an eventual optimization professional's website. The problem with this plan is that I really don't like to do just Search Engine Optimization without the creative aspect of web design, so I may just leave this as a parked domain name instead of creating a new SEO Agency.


Although this is my personal and professional blog, I don't actually like the blog software so much. So I am looking into starting it all over unless I can find a way to port it over to WordPress.

Website Promotion & Link Building:

Add your URL to multiple search engines simultaneously. Multiple engine submission for consideration of inclusion in their searchable web content database. Actual acceptance is up to each search engine, but they will need to know about it to include it. Cooperative network of independent search engines and directories. Email verified. The list of selected search engines is configurable. Site includes some basic, but important HTML meta tag information.


Top Sites
A catalog of top websites listed by rank in a variety of categories. The script responds to the Top Sites Catalog badge & traffic code link using either of the or URLs, and can also be modified to open in a new browser window. Top Sites Catalog is powered by the free Aardvark TopSites PHP directory script.

Premium worldwide web directory of real resource and information websites. Direct hyperlinks to real websites which do not spam you with advertising from other sites. Let's face it, if they are passing off your business to someone else, they clearly don't want your business or they are not capable of handling it. The Hyperlink Directory is a premium directory which only accepts paid submissions after human review. This means that the websites listed at Hyperlink Directory have invested in a quality, targeted traffic resource and have been found as a valuable resource by a real human being. Hyperlink Directory is backed up by the only other logical alternative misspelling of the domain, Hyperlinks, and powered by a registered version of the php Link Directory script package.

A general subject, G-rated, family friendly, English language directory. This directory is for everyone of all ages. We do not accept listings that are unsuitable for any age group. Free, reciprocal and paid (featured) listings. There is a long wait on free submissions and we only list quality sites with well written listings, so please pay attention to the submission guidelines. We do as little editing as possible and often delete listings with multiple errors.

A website directory, a portal: Are you listed? Remote voting code available for sites (requires free registration). A community supported directory portal. Dir Port is powered by a registered version of the WSN Links directory script software package.
Originally a G-rated, general subject, English language web directory of quality websites worldwide. Turkoc was search engine friendly, keyword optimized directory with direct links and support for Google XML sitemaps. It was a US based directory rejecting poorly designed, spammy, crappy, confusing and/or otherwise worthless websites. Free, reciprocal, paid & sponsored listing submission options were available. Unfortunately, the directory, though very successful, was powered by the Site Sift Listings directory script software which had been hacked by some malicious Armenian hackers because they thought it was a Turkish directory (I just liked the name, although I have since found out that it is a Turkish surname) and because the SSL directory script software is full of security holes (avoid it at all costs). We are currently looking into alternatives where we might keep the old Turkoc directory database by porting it over to a new directory software solution, but at the moment Turkoc is currently listing other web directories.

Although this one was also a general subject web directory for general audiences of all ages, it too was powered by the SSL directory script and hacked by crackers. Luckily, this one wasn't really started, I was still in the design phase. But I will be putting up a new directory powered by a much more secure software package, soon.

Search engine spider friendly, keyword optimized, link exchange directory. Reciprocate links with a large, categorized web directory. Inexpensive one-way links also available. Links are good for the life of the listed resource. Active listings requiring a reciprocal return links are checked regularly. If you fail to reciprocate at the URL specified at any reciprocate check scan, your listing may be removed from the directory. A growing business & SEO resource for quality link exchanges.
Free G-rated, general subject, English language web directory. Search engine spider friendly categorized listings. Add your URL for free. Exchanging links is not required though, unless you are running a paid directory or a link exchange that requires specific code, then we expect you will list us since we can't list ourselves (in your directory, not on a partner page). But ALL reciprocal links are very greatly appreciated. US Directory of quality websites.
Dreadnought manages to stay afloat through advertising, and some sponsorship, but it is essentially able to do so based solely on the reciprocal links it has built-up. We appreciate your assistance in promoting a directory which is dedicated to only listing quality resource and information websites. Dreadnought Directory is based on the free distro of the eSyndiCat directory software package. This is the site we are using to try out the software for future registration considerations.

Regional Directories:
S. Dakota businesses and local resources. Travel and tourism information is available for the Black Hills, Mt. Rushmore, the Badlands, adventure parks, caves, museums, state parks and hunting information. Eastern South Dakota remains the world's capitol for ringneck pheasant hunting.
Search engine crawler friendly, keyword optimized, family oriented regional business directory serving the city of Sioux Falls and the surrounding Sioux Empire area in southeastern South Dakota.
Directory for the city of Sioux Falls and southeast South Dakota's Sioux Empire. Free submissions for regional business listings. Affordable one-way links also available. A search engine friendly, keyword categorized, human edited, G-rated directory.

Webmaster Directories:

W3 Host.Info
The World Wide Web Host Information Directory offers listings for web hosts and related hosting, site tools, online promotion, webmaster resources and related information. Learn the web hosting business, become a reseller, generate income displaying PPC advertising, get web design or development help, learn search engine optimization, build up your incoming links and find the website tools and software that you need. Find the resources webmasters need. Reciprocal link required for web hosting and site related resources.
Niche directory specifically targeting quality webmaster resource links. httpmaster is currently offering resources for vital internet services such as domain name registration, domain tools, web hosts, dedicated server providers, collocation resources, webmaster forums and articles, web design resources, site development resources, directories to promote your website and even other webmaster directories. If you have such a webmaster related resource, you are encouraged to leave your link, no reciprocate link is required.

Niche Directories:
Searchable directory dedicated to automotive and motorsports listings. A reciprocal link exchange directory specializing in automotive and motorsport niche topics. Submission to the directory also acts as a suggestion feed for the human approved URL resource pool required for our search results. Only a reciprocal link is required to list automotive/motorsport related sites. Paid listings and ads also available. Automotive enthusiasts and car clubs are encouraged to leave their automotive/motorsports website or web page links. The directory is powered by php Link Directory, while the front search engine is a custom search facility powered by Google.

Directory of Directories:
DexDir is an index (dex) of directories (dirs) that is currently under development. It is powered by WSN Links and will have reviews and voting code for each directory listed. The directories initially listed will be from my private stash of web and niche directory resources which I use to promote my websites and online resources on the web to establish brand presence. Banner advertising program is also available.

Web Search:

Heavy Duty.WS
Heavy Duty Web Search is a new search engine based on the sphider engine. I'm still working on this one.

Scavenge the information you need from the web without all the useless spam and advertising. Avoid the pornography and useless unrelated results. Powered by the Fluid Dynamics Search Engine software package.

Automotive SEARCH.Net
Automotive SEARCH is a cooperative effort of networked automotive and motorsports enthusiast volunteer editors to make a custom search engine which is dedicated to providing automotive and motorsports related search results. Automotive Search is powered by Google through their cooperative search partnership program. uses a defined pool of editor approved automotive and motorsports related websites to pull search results from, which allows for a true automotive search engine that isn't confused by others trying to corner the market on the term "auto" for automated link exchange programs and things which are not remotely related to the automotive industry. Volunteers approve only non-spammy related URLs for results.

Word Search:

Intended as an all-in-one internet and tech dictionary and terminology phrase book which would be cross-indexed as a thesaurus, we are still looking for a software engine to power this concept. If you know of one, please contact me and let me in on the secret. Otherwise we may eventually have to write it ourselves one day (someday).


Dating, relationship, marriage and family health issue resources and information.


Singles Dating
A friendly Christian oriented singles meeting & dating website.

Computer Hardware:

Flash Jump
Computer USB2 memory drives.
Computer hard drives and disk drive resources for Windows, Mac, Linux & Amiga platforms.

Computer Software:
Antivirus and internet security software. Scan your PC for viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, spamware, malware and anything that could slow or otherwise hamper your computer's performance. pulls resources from one publisher, while (below) pulls its resources from yet another publisher.
Anti-virus and internet security software. Scan your PC for viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, spamware, malware and anything that could slow or otherwise hamper your computer's performance. (listed above) pulls resources from one publisher, while pulls its resources from yet another publisher.


Drum-roll please? Drums, percussion instruments, related resources and information.

Video Gaming:
First person shooter video game warfaring. Note that some of these games are rated for mature players.

Video Gamer
PC, PlayStation, XBOX and Nintendo video games and gaming accessories.

Video game information and resources.

High Def
High definition gamer resources and information. This site is aimed squarely at serious gamers using a high resolution PC system, PlayStation 3, or XBOX 360 ONLY.

Game Machine
Video game machine mods and hacks. Modding and hacking information & resources for most systems. Backed by Game Box

Hi-Def / Video:

HD Disc.US
Sony's Blu-ray has won the high definition disc format wars and now we can be confident that the hi-def video disc player that we buy for our HDTV widescreen systems will be a vital electronic disc platform for our home entertainment systems long into the future.

On the advent of HDTV technology I experimented with ways to burn a short HD video to a CD-R using the DIVX codec and wound-up coining the term HDTVCD™ since there were no hi-def discs at the time. Now the domain is dedicated to the Blu-ray Hi-Def video disc format.

High-definition television, widescreen.

HiDef Blu-ray data and video disc format stuff.

HiDef Video
HiDef Blu-ray format video movie discs & stuff.

HiDef Video
HiDef Blu-ray format video movies & stuff.

High-definition Widescreen TVs, DVRs, movie discs, accessories and more.

Automotive & Motorsport:

Raw engine bore horsepower and automotive performance products & related resources.

Full Race
Automotive ground effect parts and aerodynamic car body kits. Spoilers, scoops and rims. Fast Bling.

Hybrid automobiles and related hybrid automotive information. Hybrid vehicles utilize more than one power source to propel them, usually a gas engine is complimented with an electric engine. When accelerating, the gas engine is utilized. When cruising at a steady speed, the electric engine takes over, saving on gas. Upon braking, the batteries are charged.
Although intended for toys, Radio Control electronics still fits in the automotive category for me, although this sector does also include boats and planes.

Guns & Hunting:
Gun handling, safety and care. Tips on shooting and marksmanship. Hunting links.
Hunt South Dakota online information and resources. SD guides and outfitters. SD Hunt packages.

Pheasant Hunting in South Dakota was the original pheasant hunting community forums and directory. After the content management system (aka: CMS) I was using, phpWebSite, was hacked I saved the database, but am still waiting for a secure CMS with which to try the website again. I might pull out a custom CMS for the heck of it, but still need to add certain modules for directories and forums, so I continue waiting for something more secure. It was backed up by quite an assortment of addresses to ensure that people could get there, including, PHiSD.US, & Pheasant Hunting South

Shopping Guides:
For some reason I can't find a decent supplier for Movie & data DVDs, Blu-ray Hi-Def discs and computer software. I am particularly interested in the video/movie discs, PC games and good software. If you know of a good supplier that isn't trying to rip off their customers, please contact me.

A Bit of All
A Bit of All Right is a shopping guide which shows PPC advertising. It is backed up with the most obvious misspells... A Bit of & Bit of All

Freelancing Jobs / Work:
We have big plans to develop this into an awesome freelancers contract bidding resource. Too many other other freelance auction sites require that a freelancer hire another individual just to bid on the projects and keep an eye on the work available. Usually freelancers are stuck working for peanuts for well too long before they get a decent reputation so that they can compete on decent paying projects. iCommuters is going to stand this bid for work attitude on its head and promise effective solutions while screening against shoddy workmanship. Stay tuned.

Miscellaneous & Future Projects:

The standard bearer in unique and professional corporate identity design. I am your identity and branding architect. But I am not a cheap cookie cutter outfit, either. You get what you pay for.

Fluid Site
I am a big believer in liquid website design. This site will explore how to take full advantage of the screen using design implemented specifically for hi-res monitors and hi-def televisions without having to sacrifice compelling design for small screen resolutions. It's astonishingly easy.

Flash Design
My true passion is animation. I have previously run two other Flash websites, Flash Web & Flash, which will be incorporated into the new website.

php & high level language programming, MySQL & database retrieval geeks website.

Intended to become another portfolio and proprietary directory for our business, our partners and our own interests.
MultiDuty is a multi-purpose products catalog and index. This name is backed up with the domain name, as well. So no matter how you spell it, you should get there.

Industrial products catalog & index.

Nice, short and sweet.

This has to be one of my favorite brand names, ever.


DP Mark - Trademark & Artist's Mark

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