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Doug Peters - Self Portrait VIIDesigner & Artist Doug Peters

Hello! Welcome to a portfolio of my personal online properties. My name is, guess what? Yup, I'm Doug Peters, a professional freelance web designer and graphic artist. I design websites, logos, graphics and I even own and run Symbiotic Design, Site Domains, Domain Hostmaster, W3 Domain Names, and HD Web Hosting, as well as a whole host of other websites and online ventures. Check out the website subjects for a more complete list of my current projects. I am a domainer, branding expert, logo creator, web design artist, graphic designer, illustrator, online promoter and search optimization specialist. Although there is a science to the madness, it is mostly about the art of design.

Domains & Brands

These days, having a great Domain equates to more than having a great brand, it is like setting shop up in a major traffic area. The neat thing is that you can run a profitable e-commerce website or two right out of your home. That's what I do. I am considered a leader in freelancing, site design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), domain name sales, webmastery and web hosting. At least, that's what all the salesmen who keep calling me tell me over and over.

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Currently, I am using this Domain,, for my personal and professional portfolio. I'll probably be experimenting with it a little. But it is NOT for sale, please do not inquire about this particular portfolio website domain name. However, I do have quite a long list of excellent premium Domains Names that I have acquired over the years in the interest of developing them myself. This personal portfolio site is actually intended to feature many of them. Some are finished projects with working websites, blogs, directories, forums, software tool distribution sites or resource archives. A few are future projects that are currently serving PPC advertisements. I feature a few of my best brand name domain names, some generic keyword search phrase domains and a couple of websites for sale at PremiumBrand.Name. My complete single-page list of older premium domain names is currently viewable at Domain Perfection.

Domain names are an important part of branding your online presence. That's why I run Domain Hostmaster, as it allows me and my customers to register almost any domain name available at incredibly low prices with complete 24/7 tech support. Domain Hostmaster actually beats most of the major players in price, features, choice, support and value for domains, website builders, web hosting, servers, SSL security certificates, online e-commerce and promotion tools, even merchant accounts.

But remember that a brand is much more than a domain name or trademark. It is everything to do in your business, including your product or service quality, how efficiently you work and even how treat your customers. It is the reputation your business will get, what people know you for. I can help you brand a great online website that attracts attention and I can promote the heck out of it and setup a great marketing campaign to take advantage of the internet, but it won't matter if your business is already broken. That said, remember to protect and promote your brand as positively as possible.

Expert Freelance Design & Artistry

You have no reason to believe this heading other than my say-so, unless you give this portfolio a thorough going over. And you should. Most designers and design studios do not provide the total package when presenting you with a completed website. Quite ridiculous, I know, but this is where I, or me and my team, will excel. If I am working on a professional or business online presence, sure it will look good. But it will also be a compelling brand experience. It will incorporate usability (user friendliness) while being optimized for the search engines and can even promote itself. It will be checked in all major standards compliant browsers for visual effect and cleanliness.

In short, I do not mess around. You can't afford me to, nor can I afford to. Because your continued success online becomes my brand. And I am all about new media brands because that's all I do.

Professional, Business & Corporate Identity Design

It really is more than just simply logo design. Your Trademarks and Service Marks are an intellectual property which need to be unique, recognizable, simple and communicate your company message, personality or mission. That's not easy in a simple graphic image, and that is also why the cheap online cookie cutter logo designers don't get it right. Heck, if you just want something to use for a logo, try the free Xara 3D Sampler to make a quick 3D heading, or find another option online. But if you are going to invest in a real logo, it will probably be your best business investment, so don't skimp.

Graphic Design & Illustration

I was trained as a graphic designer at Augustana College. I have also worked as an illustrator and cartoonist. I have always loved to draw and I've even done some animation. Eventually, I will have a more complete catalog of my artwork. Some will be logos and website design layouts, but I also plan on including a number of my illustrations, as well.

Web Design & Development

Website building has been my life since 1995. I not only design websites, but I customize scripts or preside over custom web application development. I and a partner designed and developed a custom content management system for Syd's Eastside Auto Salvage, Inc. which allows online users to search their current inventory at the website. The database is cross-indexed with the Hollander Interchange to allow people to find parts which are interchangeable across makes, models and years.

I can setup websites that are easy to administer so that you or your employee can keep it updated with the latest news, information, events and specials. And you won't have to worry about ruining the design of the site, because you will simply be adding and modifying pages that utilize the same design template.

I have done smaller informational websites, as well. I pride myself in taking care of small business with search optimized websites that target the appropriate visitors by paying special attention to the keywords and copy of a website. The code I write invites search engines to come back and crawl the website for updates on a regular basis. And before I'm done I've setup tools to help in online promotion and have actually told quite a few key players about your website so that you have a start in ranking well with continued effort.

For me, search engine optimization is a part of the website design process. The crucial optimization techniques I use are included in almost every single website I build unless you need to bargain for a better price. Even then, because I am an optimization professional, I am not making the mistakes other so-called designers make.

The Freelance Design Studio

Symbiotic Design Trademark Logo - Graphic & Website Design StudioSymbiotic Design is my main company, started in 1996 as a small but efficient web design studio where I also offer professional logo design and branding, graphic design, website optimization and promotion, webmastery, illustration and shared web hosting on advanced Linux Apache servers. I usually can offer more for less than any other American design studio because I operate out of my home design studio/office and contract with other freelance designers and developers as required by each job.

I maintain a large pool of independent freelance subcontractors that I work with to insure timely delivery of projects with no sacrifice to quality. Actually, since I am a search optimization expert, the final product usually exceeds other web studio work because unlike most who will , we actually deliver a much more high quality finished product using self promoting code and techniques that are polished for web media, search optimized and more effectively brands your personal professional online presence to the global online community.

The freelance pool of designers and developers I use are a result of my administering and running a large community group at Google Groups called Web Design and Development (WD&D). Once I finish updating this site (5/19/2012) I have to go create the Web Design and Development group website (

Domain Hostmaster is a very big part of my Symbiotic Design business, adding more and inexpensive quality features, handling domain name registrations, and adding such offerings as easy-to-use online website builders (with web hosting included), inexpensive web hosting on either Linux or Windows platforms (including virtual and dedicated servers), SSL security certificates, do-it-yourself online SEO and website marketing programs and even offering basic design services. I have streamlined this service for web professionals.

In a way, Domain Hostmaster is too advanced for the average webmaster that needs a little help getting started. Enter Site Domains (aka "Site Domain Names") the all-in-one do-it-yourself web design studio. Now, Site Domains offers all kinds of tools for someone to get online inexpensively and walks you through the whole process in online applications such as the Website Tonight® website builder, the Traffic Blazer® website search optimization tool, even with online marketing tools and Copyright services.

I hope to be doing business with you when you have a project that needs to be addressed, in whatever capacity you might require. If you are interested in contracting my skills as a logo designer, a branding expert, a graphic designer, web designer, etc., or if you are interested in one of our truly incredible web hosting services, please follow one of the appropriate links within this portfolio.

Website Hostmaster

I do offer quite a range of website hosting solutions, as well. We have recently moved Symbiotic Design to new servers and it is now hosted at Domain Hostmaster.  This personal portfolio site is hosted at HD Web Hosting.  Other sites I have made like Blare.Info & take advatage of the numerous blogging platforms out there to create IP diversity. By interconnecting the different sites from different IP groups, we create diversity in our company network IP addresses to show a broad reach for our company network. So not all of my websites will be hosted on my own reseller services. I am simply taking advantage of all the tools available to me.  As you should, by the way.

Site Domains offers all kinds of domain names for all kinds of websites. Site Domains is one of the easiest-to-use websites for domain names, hosting, servers and e-commerce tools available. The secure shopping cart will practically hold a customer by the hand to ensure that they get all the products necessary when they register their chosen domain name. In this way, a business will be reminded to purchase hosting, additional premium email accounts (on top of the free email account associated with the domain), an SSL security certificate (for e-commerce sites) or other website necessities upon successfully locating the preferred domain name of choice. Additionally, Site Domains supports searching for premium aftermarket domain names alongside the list of available unregistered domains. Even custom website design and development by professionals is offered to make the process of getting a business online with a professional presence as quick and painless as possible. Such features help newbie webmasters and businesses that are going online for the very first time find what they need to get so that they can continue on with the business of creating and promoting their own professional web presences more quickly and easily. However, note that the ease that makes this store work well for the uninitiated would not be welcomed by professionals, which is why I also offer my original Domain Hostmaster services, below...
(Access Site Domains as:,,, or

Domain Hostmaster is expressly marketed to professional webmasters, website designers, site developers, search optimizers, online marketers and people who know what they are doing. This site uses considerably less cross-selling pages so that professionals can get in and out without being confronted with other crap when they are in a hurry. After all, time is money. Pros know what they need and don't need to be held by the hand to get it.  Additionally, Domain Hostmaster does not offer premium domain names or custome website design services that may conflict with a web designer's/developer's/pro's own creative products and services.  This way, DH focuses on essential webmaster tools and services that allows professionals the ability to recomend our services to their own clientel. The Domain Hostmaster web hosting and server solutions are in one of the largest network operations centers in the world, and you even have a choice between either the Linux and Windows server platforms. These are very good economic plans with lots of bang for each buck. Tech support is always available 24/7. The same internet business reseller solutions Domain Hostmaster & Site Domains use are available through W3 Domain Names (more details are noted in the next paragraph, below).

WorldWide Web & Domain Names is a special wholesale service for those who want to resell the web as a business, or need to engage in bulk ordering for their corporation/company. Interestingly enough, you can actually set yourself up with a killer multi-domain name web hosting account through your own reseller site, and we offer special incentives to help you get started with Google AdWords & Bing advertising. Add the special wholsale prices and it won't take much to make your investment back in supplied services right away.

HD Web Hosting is another popular Linux Apache solution that offers bargain prices for full featured web hosting. You can choose whether to put your site on the multi-processor servers we run at Steadfast in Chicago, IL; at BlueSquare in Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK; at Global Switch in Sydney, AU; or at Pionen in Stockholm, SE. Tech support is also available 24/7. This site, as well as many others are hosted here, actually. Although Domain Hostmaster may prove a hair more reliable, it is basic in comparison to the hosting available through HD Web Hosting or Site Host Pros, which offer more bang for the buck.

Site Host Pros also offers web hosting reseller accounts on this Linux Apache platform to my fellow web designers and developers, as well as those internet entrepreneurs who are willing to put in a serious effort in selling web hosting accounts. The hosting and servers offered are impressive, especially at this price point. You can even sell yourself web hosting at wholesale, should you be interested in these excellent plans with great value.

[S]webhost offers the same full featured Linux Apache web hosting as HD Web Hosting & Site Host Pros, but allows me the opportunity to market different packages in different avenues, especially using streaming video marketing, which is up front and center on the website.

Apache Website Hosting also offers the same full-featured Linux Apache web hosting with support for php, python, perl, ruby-on-rails, SSI, cron jobs and databases (MySQL and ProstgreSQL), the very same as HD Web Hosting, Site Host Pros and [S]webhost, but it concentrates on promoting and selling the server end of the business and offers shared hosting for less as a means to get customers hooked on the service.

Doug Peters' Personal Portfolio:

DP Trademark and Artist's Mark for Douglas Peters of Symbiotic
You are here. This online portfolio represents my own personal websites, blogs, directories and other PPC advertising domain name projects which are slated for further development. By keeping a public portfolio of my own personal projects I feel more compelled under the pressure of knowing that they are publicly viewable triumphs or travesties in order to motivate me to sort them out and develop them into something. This hasn't always worked out to my favor since I am often too busy with other projects to keep this site up-to-date. Nevertheless, I need to put myself on-the-spot because when we have an online presence we tend to care about our presentation.

Please note that currently this is a personal portfolio of my own project websites, and does not yet reflect the near all of the work I have done on behalf of my clientele. Part of the reasoning behind this is that I often work on temporary websites (such as online convention/event registration sites) and intranets, which are only temporarily available, or are not open to public viewing. Plus, I don't always have the extra time to keep this portfolio updated constantly with client sites. However, I have added a section of professional work which I have done for clients which does represent a small portion of my body of work, as well as a few of the online resources I have created, under Client Websites. I also offer a public album of logos which I designed (in Photoshop/Illustrator) and accesible on Facebook.


DP Mark - Trademark & Artist's Mark

Doug Peters' Design & Art Portfolio

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