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Woman9 - A pencil sketch that I enhanced with some digital effects.The Freelance Design Studio

I actually operate quite a few websites that could also function as studios. A couple of these resources are listed below. I do hope to be doing business with you when you have a project that needs to be addressed, in whatever capacity you might require. If you are interested in contracting my skills as a logo designer, a branding expert, a graphic designer, a web designer, or if you are interested in one of our truly incredible web hosting services, please follow one of the appropriate links within this portfolio.

Studio Sites:

Symbiotic Design Trademark Logo - Graphic & Website Design StudioSymbiotic
This is my freelance design studio website. I not only offer my own wares here, but the site also acts as a control point for projects I manage that I have entrusted into other partner freelancers hands.

Symbiotic Design is my main company, started in 1997 as a small but efficient web design studio where I also offer professional logo design and branding, graphic design, website optimization and promotion, webmastery, illustration and shared web hosting on advanced Linux Apache servers. I usually can offer more for less than any other American design studio because I operate out of my home design studio/office and contract with other freelance designers and developers as required by each job.

I maintain a large pool of independent freelance subcontractors that I work with to insure timely delivery of projects with no sacrifice to quality. Actually, since I am a search optimization expert, the final product usually exceeds other web studio work because unlike most who will , we actually deliver a much more high quality finished product using self promoting code and techniques that are polished for web media, search optimized and more effectively brands your personal professional online presence to the global online community.

The freelance pool of designers and developers I use are a result of my administering and running a large community group at Google Groups called the Web Design and Development group.

If you need to know more I recommend a visit to the website, but I am also happy to answer anything you should want to know if you contact me with questions through this website, as well.

Domain Hostmaster - Complete Domain Name and Worldwide Web Hosting ServicesDomain
Domain Hostmaster is a very big part of my Symbiotic Design business, as well. DH adds more and inexpensive quality features with a full and competent support staff, handling domain name registrations, and adding such offerings as easy-to-use online website builders (with web hosting included), inexpensive web hosting on either Linux or Windows platforms (including virtual and dedicated servers), SSL security certificates, do-it-yourself online SEO and website marketing programs and even offering basic design services.

In a way, Domain Hostmaster is a do-it-yourself web design studio. Because Domain Hostmaster offers all kinds of tools for someone to get online inexpensively and walks you through the whole process in online applications such as the Website Tonight® website builder, the Traffic Blazer® website search optimization tool, even with online marketing tools and copyrighting services.


Color of
Another one of my favorite domain names, I was originally hoping to develop it into a website builder where you could design your own basic website easily and then download the complete archived file system, unzip it, and upload it to your server. The trouble is that I couldn't possibly surpass the Domain Hostmaster website builder, WebSite Tonight®. Eventually I will put a collection of my illustrations and graphic designs there. So until I get my illustrations portfolio together, I am pointing it to that website builder resource.


This site will become a small showcase of my cartoons. Another project in the works.


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