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Snapping Wolf - Artwork by Doug PetersDoug Peters' Future Projects

This list is more or less of domains which I plan to develop in the future... hopefully, the near future, but everything depends on how busy I am. Obviously, there will be fewer websites in this list.

Miscellaneous & Future Projects:

The standard bearer in unique and professional corporate identity design. I am your identity and branding architect. But I am not a cheap cookie cutter outfit, either. You get what you pay for.

Fluid Site
I am a big believer in liquid website design. This site will explore how to take full advantage of the screen using design implemented specifically for hi-res monitors and hi-def televisions without having to sacrifice compelling design for small screen resolutions. It's astonishingly easy.

Flash Design
My true passion is animation. I have previously run two other Flash websites, Flash Web & Flash, which will be incorporated into the new website.

php Programming website.

Intended to become another portfolio and proprietary directory for our business, our partners and our own interests.
MultiDuty is a multi-purpose products catalog and index. This name is backed up with the domain name, as well. So no matter how you spell it, you should get there.

Industrial products catalog & index.

Nice, short and sweet.

This has to be one of my favorite brand names, ever.


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