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Domains & Brands

These days, having a great Domain equates to more than having a great brand, it is like setting shop up in a major traffic area. The neat thing is that you can run a profitable e-commerce website or two right out of your home. That's what I do. I am considered a leader in freelancing, site design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), domain name sales, webmastery and web hosting. At least, that's what all the salesmen who keep calling me tell me over and over.

.com Domain Name Registrations: $8.49/yr
.com Domain Name Transfers:  $8.49/yr

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I do have quite a long list of excellent premium Domains Names that I have acquired over the years in the interest of developing them myself. This personal portfolio site is actually intended to feature many of them. Some are finished projects with working websites, blogs, directories, forums, software tool distribution sites or resource archives. A few are future projects that are currently serving PPC advertisements. I feature a few of my best brand name domain names, some generic keyword search phrase domains and a couple of websites for sale at PremiumBrand.Name. My complete list of older premium domain names is at

Domain names are an important part of branding your online presence. That's why I run Domain Hostmaster, as it allows me and my customers to register almost any domain name available at incredibly low prices with complete 24/7 tech support. Domain Hostmaster actually beats most of the major players in price, features, choice, support and value for domains, website builders, web hosting, servers, SSL security certificates, online e-commerce and promotion tools, even merchant accounts.

But remember that a brand is much more than a domain name or trademark. It is everything to do in your business, including your product or service quality, how efficiently you work and even how treat your customers. It is the reputation your business will get, what people know you for. I can help you brand a great online website that attracts attention and I can promote the heck out of it and setup a great marketing campaign to take advantage of the internet, but it won't matter if your business is already broken. That said, remember to protect and promote your brand as positively as possible.

Brands & Premium Domain Names:

Prime Names, Ultimate Brands & Premium
Primo brands, premium domain names and deluxe websites. Although still a gray-matter project as we learn from the next website listing on this page (Premium Brand Name) which we are a little further along on... Primo Deluxe's mission is to showcase the very best of the best of the available aftermarket domains, trademarked names and established websites. I have also invested quite a bit in similar domain names in the interest of protecting this unusual hyphenated phrase which represents the epitome of the ultimate. Other brand names that will support it include,, Primo-Deluxe.US &

Premium Brand Name Trademark Logo - Premium Domains, Brands & WebsitesPremium Brand.Name
Premium brand domains and generic keyword domain names. Working websites for sale also available. Although not quite ready for prime time, we are working on this website. Showcases great domain names, names with logos & branded websites for sale. This domain is backed up with a few others that are not yet pointing to it, including Premium Brand Premium Name, and a few others.

Symbiotic Business TM Logo - Symbiotic Design's Business Domain Names Portfolio & Intellectual PropertiesSymbiotic.Biz
Symbiotic Business displays the intellectual properties and domain name portfolio held under my Symbiotic Design freelance studio company banner. Although updated only rarely, I am also rarely taking on new domains, so this list represents my current domain name portfolio the best. I do have more domain names, but these are irrelevant to the business holdings and remain in my own private holdings, separate from the business.

Domainers.Name - Premium Domains For Sale Portfolio & Domainer NewsDomainers.Name
When another phpBB forum was hacked that I was running, this forum came down with all of the rest of them. We are currently investigating another solution in a community forums bulletin board application or rethinking and revamping the website completely.

Domainance TM - Dominate the Search Engines with a Great Domain and a Search Optimized
This was the address for my original domain name portfolio. It was a static website and so as I acquired domains it became harder and harder to keep up with. Later, I realized that it could be easily misunderstood with a whole different spelling, so I also picked-up to ensure that traffic intending to go there could get there.
This is my username at a few websites. Of course, I had to get the domains. I have something special planned for these domains in the future.

Domain Name Registration:

Domain Hostmaster Trademark Logo - Domains, Websites, Hosting, Software, E-Commerce & ToolsDomain
Complete domain, web hosting (Linux or Windows) and e-commerce solutions. Shared hosting accounts or dedicated servers. Domain names, website builders, SSL security certificates, shopping carts, merchant accounts, traffic tools and more. 24/7 Tech support. Awesome network. I also have a couple of other brands pointing to this store, Site, Site Domains.US, Site & Website Domains.US. Eventually, I will probably put this last set of domain names into service as an altogether different registrar. Logo
W3 Domain, which is short for Worldwide Web Domain Names, is where anyone can sign-up to be a domain name and web hosting reseller. WWD handles all the customer, billing and tech support, 24/7. All you do is customize the look of your web store, select your product line and set your pricing. Then just promote the heck out of it. This is a great way to establish yourself in the local market, as well. If you are a webmaster or domainer like me with a small portfolio of domain names and websites, you can save enough on domains, web hosting and site tools through this system that you might not even have to worry about getting customers to justify the small investment required to get started.

PPC Ad Income:

Parking PPC Trademark - Earn Money Showing Ads on Keyword Phrase DomainsParking
Domain name parking Pay-Per-Click residual revenue information. Create a recurring income stream by just displaying PPC advertising on your domain name. Simply register a popular search phrase or brand domain and set the name servers to your parking provider's required name servers. As visitors to your domain name ads click through to the advertiser's websites, you split the advertising commission with your parking ad provider. More information on the site, although it does need to be updated again as soon as I have the time.

Along the same principles as the above Parking PPC concept, only instead of offering an empty domain to publish PPC advertising, you are offering your developed web space to display PPC text and banner advertisements which are directly relevant to the information associated with each page. Although this is a great way to monetize simple and free websites, remember that the ads shown compete directly with the information on each page, so it is not a good method of advertising for most commercial websites.

Ad Working TM Logo - Work the Advertising Game for Success and ProfitAd
Advertising is a necessary evil once you have built-up a web presence across the web and are a recognized player in the internet community with a good Google PageRank. The Ad Working site offers resources and information on working the advertising game and promoting your business. Eventually I will be building this into a more complete solution, but the site already outlines the process of putting a a new professional or business website online quickly and promoting it as you continue to develop it. Then, once the internet has been sufficiently blanketed with promotional listings, blogs, articles and information it will have some reputation and selling it through PPC advertising and sponsorships will be much easier. The site also explains the two primary type of ads, name recognition promotion (or presence building) and calls to action. Further details will be coming.


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